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Fighting Pollution

Automotive urea solution is a fluid used to reduce one of the two primary harmful greenhouse gases, NOx (nitrous oxide). Automotive Urea is also referred to as AdBlue in Europe or as DEF (diesel emissions fluid) in the USA and Arla32 in South America. Its correct chemical name is AUS32 which is an abbreviation of Aqueous Urea Solution and the approximate concentration of 32%.

Automotive Urea Solution has been widely used in Europe for some time, since 2003, and became widespread with the introduction of Euro IV (euro 4) Engines on heavy goods vehicles in 2005. Later legislation, specifically Euro V (euro 5) and the USAs EPA2010 has led to increased demand for the product.

The product is used on the majority of modern HGVs, Lorries, buses and coaches. It is injected as a post combustion process into the exhaust gases by way of a Selective Catalytic Reducer (SCR).

AdBlue / DEF / ARLA32 / AUS32 all consist of a 32% concentration of chemically pure urea dissolved within di-ionised water. It is important for the solution to remain free from contaminants to prevent damage to the SCR.

The Automotive Grade Urea Sector Group (AGU) is an association of urea producers located throughout Europe, dedicated to the responsible usage of AUS32 and the specified quality and production standards, specifically ISO22241 which superseded the previous German standard DIN70070.

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