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ISO 22241-1 - Quality Requirements

ISO 22241 Assesses and defines the recognised quality standard for NOx reduction in automotive applications, although it does not cover requirements for other mobile applications which are not encompassed within AUS32, to assist the related industry to fulfil the requirements of the EU NRMM Directive and the UN IMO MARPOL convention (Annex VI for NOx emissions) further standards should be adopted.

ISO 22241-2 - Test Methods

The registration of automotive grade urea to compile with the REACH requirements will be handled however by the European Fertilizer Manufacturer Association.

ISO 22241-3 - Handling, Transportation

The APPE (Association of Petrochemical Producers in Europe) publish and update a product supply best practice guidance manual to safeguard the technical requirements needed for the catalytic process in production, storage and distribution of automotive urea solution to the applicable ISO 22241 standards, this is often referred to within the industry as the CEFIC QAGD (quality assurance guideline document.

Copies of this can be found here: CEFIC QAGD PDF


Re-Filling Interface.


The original AdBlue standard DIN70070 has now been superceeded by new ISO standards, the first three of the four new standards can be downloaded from after purchase.


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