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Known Issues

SCR systems are sensitive to potential chemical impurities in the urea solution. In order to ensure that the SCR system continues to work effectively, care must be taken to ensure the purity of the catalyst and the reducing agent. Even small amounts of contaminant can severely impact the performance of the SCR system. Manufacturing quality control for AUS32 solutions are governed by a new ISO standard (ISO22241) which is in place to ensure the correct selection of handling equipment.

AdBlue is very susceptible to contamination from both foreign matter and incorrect material selection. It is of absolute paramount importance that this is observed. Particulate ingress is an obvious problem for any transfer application but less evident problems are often overlooked.
The most common cause of premature SCR failure is operators accidentally placing fuel or oil into the AdBlue supply. Just 5ml of oil in a 20L batch will cause injection problems and eventual failure of the SCR system.

Another  high contributor to SCR failure is the resulting ingress of damaged pump parts or as a result of incorrect materials of construction. The main influence in this instance is where the de-ionised water element of the solution draws ions from materials it comes into contact with, this changes the chemical composition of the urea solution and causes salts to form which in turn clog the Ceramic head on the SCR. Inert materials should always be used to handle the product.

Materials which are most likely to cause these problems are Zinc, Aluminium, Copper, Cast Iron and Brass. Plated and treated materials should also be avoided as the plating can wear away on contact/moving parts. Nickel plated aluminium regardless of being treated as either a electro-less or electrolytic process should be avoided at all times, this is regretfully a common error with existing systems.

You should never use diesel transfer pumps or fuel storage tanks for handling AdBlue


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